Orfila Oak Age

Grape harvest
100% Malbec grapes which are harvested when the relationship between its main components (sugar and acidity) is appropriate to ensure a good balance in the resulting wine.

These grapes are destemmed and subsequently fermented and softly macerated, at a temperature between 22 °C and 26 °C for 7 days, focused on preserving their fruity scents and varietal expression.

This wine is conserved in pools for some months. It will then be briefly transitioned to oak, and finally, its harmlessness is ensured through filtration before bottling. It will rest in bottle for two months before it is marketed.

Tasting notes
This is a deep red wine, with violet hues. It has a red fruit marmalade aroma in nose. It has vey sweet tannins in mouth, a subtle wooden touch and a good aftertaste.