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Sidra Real Etiqueta Negra

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About the winery

With a long history as a family company, Saenz Briones has been involved in the world of winemaking in Argentina for decades. In addition to wine, Saenz Briones is widely recognized for its excellent ciders, or sidras. 

They produce this and many of its ciders in the Upper Río Negro Valley, where various climatic factors intermingle that make the difference in each of the apples that are harvested. The sun, humidity, wind and the quality of its soils, converge with the passion of the experts who work and know their terroir best.

That is why in this unique region of Argentine Patagonia, the fruit is collected and each piece is carefully selected to achieve the best quality that an authentic and traditional drink requires. Once this task is done, the selected fruits are transferred to the plant in the city of Allen (Río Negro), where the transformation process will begin to achieve the most authentic and traditional drink, cider.

Country: Argentina

Region: Alto Valle de Rio Negro

Sub-region: N/A

Vintage: 2020

Closure: Cork & wire muzzle

Visual Description: Delicate, pale yellow.

Olfactory Description: Aromatic, apple and fruity.

Taste Notes: Refreshing, high fruity notes, citrus, delicate acidity.

Alc. by volume: 5.5%

Size (in milliliters): 750ML